Steering the whole

Steering the Whole instead of managing one’s Little Kingdom

This is an intense leadership development programme. It focuses on reflecting upon the roles adopted in the system and often the changes needed. Thus, leaders and managers will be enabled to lead through change with forsight and wisdom.


‘Steering the Whole instead of managing one’s Little Kingdom’
is a tested leadership development process.

Its main purpose is to attune the roles taken up by managers and leaders to the present challenges of the organisation. This will help the leaders to take decisions on the basis of a long-term expected impact in contrast to rushing from one emergency situation to another. Leaders who operate on the assumption of continuous emergency usually limit their action based on what they know rather based on what is necessary. They seldom achieve their organisational goals. Based on experience of such critical facts the programme is designed to address root causes. The objective is to develop effective leaders who have a significant impact on their social system.

Some of the questions that have been dealt with in past programmes are:

  • Is the way I take up my role in the organisations still appropriate?
  • Do we already operate as a service provider, or do we still behave like an old fashioned production unit?
  • Is it possible that we operate with an outdated map in the wrong area?

As spelt out in the name of the programme, ‚Steering the Whole’ serves present day job requirements: The interest of the whole company has to be put above the interest of particular groups or individuals. A good manager must think in terms of systems and networks and not of his specific tasks only.

At the end of the programme each participant will work on his individual management change programme and discuss the proposed solution with colleagues and the consultants. Specific action plans pave the way to successful implementation of the planned change strategies.

Time requirements: Five days, either 1 x 5 days or 1 x 3 + 1 x 2 days.