Change Management

Change Management

GO Consultancy nurtures, supports, provokes, or sustains change processes that aim at:

  • More social cohesion among all stakeholders
  • Enhanced clarity about tasks and role of each and everyone
  • Focussing work towards organisational goals and strategies
  • Strengthened position on the market
  • On-going motivation among staff, managers, boards, leaders, shareholders
  • Reduced friction loss, reduced cost of conflict

When people can utilize and develop their abilities, guided by a shared goal, the modern organisation is ready for joint action.

Staying connected

Being connected with other people is a basic need for most human beings. Connection creates trust, and trust is a condition for synergy. Staying connected is the oil, which keeps the organisational engine running. Everyone knows: As soon as I can work with somebody I relate with in a positive way, I feel good. This simplifies my work, and I achieve better results. Often these simple facts disappear from the awareness in everyday organisational and management life. For this reason reason GO attempts to focus on factors which enhance the importance of staying connected with other team members.