Mental Training

Mental Power

For our muscles we have the gym, but our brain also needs mental training to stay fit. In four out of five cases our mental power is the key factor, which decides success or failure. Assuming you use 40’000, out of your 60’000, daily thoughts for your success and for getting closer to your goal, what impact would this have on your life?

The ability of formulating thoughts with a focus on targets is in itself an ideal facilitator for achieving your goals.

Mental training is the ideal help to build mental strength, mental toughness, and practical tools for a more pleasurable daily life.


  • Produce visualizations of intended situations and projects
  • Learn to identify and provoke thoughts, which strengthen you
  • Access inner mental and emotional resources
  • Reframe experiences, which were previously perceived as being constraining
  • Fast relaxation and concentration
  • Appropriate use of emotions
  • Recognise and change own mental programmes and scripts
  • Plan your mental development strategy


2 days

Learning objectives

The course participants get to know basic mental techniques theoretically and practically. Mostly, the course is offered to companies with special custom-tailored approaches useful to their specific business.