Mediation and mobbing prevention

MEDIATION: Basic skills and attitudes

Cooperation instead of confrontation

How can I move team, or organizational, or community mood from a focus on difference and conflict towards cooperation and an emphasis on similarities? Wherever people differ in interests, beliefs, values, or aspirations there will be conflict.
This workshop for managers, leaders, project coordinators, or HR-professionals, etc. teaches how such conflicts can be analysed, how the parties can be empowered to share their concerns and stand up for their interests, how joint solutions can be found, and how the relationship between the parties can be founded on a win-win philosophy.

Course contents

  • Differentiate between positions interests and needs
  • Building a mediative attitude
  • Phases and strategies of mediation
  • Become aware of conflict escalation construction and the methods to de-escalate
  • Practical mediation in the form of role-play

Course objectives:

  • To get to know the models and instruments of the mediation
  • Develop competence in win-win thinking and behaviour

    Capability to deal with conflict in a constructive, solution-focussed way

    Duration for basis training

    2 days

    This course can be expanded and custom-tailored to the needs and objectives of our client or partner organisations.

    BOSSING/MOBBING: Prevention and intervention

    Bossing and mobbing cause huge losses in many companies and organizations. Cost per person mobbed or bossed usually exceed USD 100’000. The common strategy to deal with these difficult issues, however, is to wait and hope that improvement will occur by itself. As a prevention and intervention tool, our development course helps managers and HR-staff identify appropriate strategies and reduce the negative impact of unresolved and hidden conflict. It also helps to design rules and regulations for the control of bossing or mobbing behaviour within the organisation.


    • Patterns in systems and destructive conflict management
    • Analysis and consultancy in relation to mobbing/bossing situations
    • Design organisational processes for intervention and prevention.