Reading and Information Management

Speed Reeding Enhancements and Information Management

Read faster and retain more

To read at a higher speed, while retaining more of the text, sounds contradictory. But the results achieved through our reading enhancement programmes show that this is possible. Every normal reader has the capability to read at double current speed, while understanding more of what he reads.

As a reader you may ask some of these questions:

  • What is important in this text?
  • How do I get to the core issues?
  • Which methods could help me speed up reading this text?
  • How can I tidy up my desk?

In case you have such or similar questions from time to time, or, if simply you dream of having more time for your life and more fun, then you are possibly a candidate for our reading enhancement courses.

Reading and information management have become key competencies for our professional, study, and private life. Continuously we seem to be overloaded with an abundance of information. Additionally we stress ourselves not having read or understood this information.

Our training programme empowers your brain and facilitates how you deal with this information flow. You learn how to read books of all kinds, newspapers, journals, scholarly books, blog articles in a relaxed and more efficient way. Usually, participants of our courses double their reading speed. Also, they are able to improve the ways they deal with information. A few simple tricks and some changes in attitude contribute to improved self-control. The previous stress caused by all the materials waiting to be read has disappeared and the information overload on desks has gone.

Standard Programme contents:

Obtain an overview; seperate important from non-important information; determine a criteria for which reading is useful for you; prepare mentally for the reading process; set information targets for your reading; make project plans with sufficient contingency time; re-arrange your filing system; use mind mapping and other brain-friendly methods for memorizing; remain relaxed even when under pressure; how to build one’s own reading strategy.

Who are these courses for?

  • Leaders and managers at all levels
  • HR-staff and managers
  • Consultants
  • Specialists
  • Students
  • Self-employed people

Course duration:

2 days

Note: The programme is also conducted in the form of individual or small group coaching.