Creativity helps to think differently even under difficult conditions

Those who discuss with other citizens about political and social issues often meet strange and impregnable opinions of all kinds. Everyone working in a group or organization is astounded from time to time by irrational decisions, rules, regulations, and procedures, which appear to transcend any standard of normal logic.

Instead of complaining about such decisions, we can endeavour to search for ways to improve their understanding of these conditions. This is what this course is about: To expand our sense of reality and that of our interlocutors.

Yet in other situations we desperately need new ideas for our products. We torture our minds to find innovative solutions. In most of these situations the key question remains how we can develop our creativity to its fullest. Our training course helps the participants find new ways to resolve old problems.


  • Build the ability to depart from well-established thinking patterns
  • Identify our own innovation potentials
  • Awake the hunger for innovation and strengthened intuition
  • Fiund solutions for specific problems or challenges


  • Practice various creativity enhancement tools to find new solutions for concrete challenges and problems, which the participants bring forward during the course.
  • Obtain exposure to structured creativity procedures such as Disney Strategy, Brain Writing, Circular Questioning
  • Creativity and innovation in groups and teams
  • Creative kisses for your mind