Relaxion and Stress Management

To release the inner handbreak

Ways to relax and optimize stress management

Sometimes we are surprise ourselves: We want to achieve so much and in the end what do we really achieve? Inner handbrakes – well tightened – prevent us from using our potential to its fullest.
Would it be interesting for you to know that the solution often is only a few steps away? Strangely, many people feel that they have a force within themselves, which slows them down.
If this is the case, this course could open new territories for you. Because you are the key person setting up your life, any external well-meant suggestions remain external, unless you are motivated to strive for your own goals.

In this 1-day course you learn how to release inner blockages. You increase your inner motivation towards your own goals, and you strengthen your mental toughness.


  • Feel the strength within your body
  • Programme body-mind to confront future challenges
  • Release stress information from your amygdala with tapping and eye movement techniques
  • Obtain motivation to advance in all facets of your life
  • Use Körbler signs for your own sense of well-being