Further education

Awake your sleeping learning beauty

Depart towards a new world: Sense, see, and hear what there is. This is learning: An adventure, an expedition to an unknown world, aiming at new insight and changed perception. In the past, when we were children, we did not hesitate a single moment to grasp every opportunity for testing things out. With endurance, curiosity, and pleasure we playfully explored anything new we came across.

Our classes and trainings reawaken your childhood memories of pleasurable learning.

GO Trainings are all highly practical. The learning results they produce are harvested from real life cases introduced by the course participants. Learning occurs when we challenge the brain with the requirement to solve a specific problem. If a solution-finding process is supported with theoretical background information learning evolves as an easy and joyful activity. Example: We do not start with explaining the ‘Brain Writing’ method in our Creativity Course. Instead, we venture to resolve a specific problem using ‘Brain Writing’, for instance, to help a participant develop the brand name of a new product.

The significant advantages and quality signs of our trainings are:

  • Reliable impact and effectiveness
  • Direct relevance for the day to day work and the present life situation of participants
  • Not only speaking about things but experiencing them. Walk the talk: All processes presented are experienced by the participants
  • Selection of new learning themes that are not yet taught in schools, professional schools, universities, or corporate education at a comparable level of real wold usefulness