Claude André Ribaux

Ribaux, Claude André, 5.4.1956

Social Scientist and Organisational Psychologist. Conflict Manager, Mediator, Trainer, Coach.

For 25 years Claude Ribaux was engaged as manager in international health, investment and development projects. He also acted as a consultant in change processes and in conflict transformation and mediation in complex political environments, nationally and internationally. He has enjoyed many years of experience as Head of Department, Project Manager, and as Delegate. His interests are in the following fields:

Management and Leadership Development as well as Capacity Building in conflict and crisis management; establishment of community management systems; building of intercultural or poly-contextual competencies; Systemic Consultancy to individuals and groups; conflict mediation; change of organisational culture; Evidence-Based Coaching.

Academic Formation and Training: Social Sciences (Social Anthropology, Philosophy, Popular Literature) University of Zurich, (1975-1980); PHD Organisational Psychology, University of Tilburg 2008-2014. NLP: all levels, including Train-the Trainer (1986-2000); Systemic Organisational Consulting at Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for Economic and Social Studies (1995-1996); Conflict Transformation and Mediation (1996-1999) at Berghof Research Centre for Constructive Conflict Transformation (acknowledged as mediator by the Swiss Association of Mediators); EMDR (wingwave)-Coaching (2004); EMI (Eye Movement Integration Coach) (2007/2008); Active-Alert Hypnosis (2009); EMDR Therapy and Coaching (VDH/DGMT) 2013; OMNI Hypnosis Therapist, member of NGH (2012-2013); Certified OMNI Hypnosis Instructor (2015).

Professional experience: Wide range of employment, including secondary level teacher and manager of integration centres for East Asian refugees in Switzerland. Then, for more than 12 years, worked at Swiss Red Cross; functions included Programme Manager, Delegate, Head of Department and Issue Manager. In these functions he managed the Mardan Eye Hospital in Pakistan and Eye Care programmes in Mid-Western Nepal. He implemented dozens of community-based and community-managed health care programs in Bangladesh and India. As a manager he was in charge of personnel selection, personnel management, including coaching, staff and concept development, strategy dialogue, project implementation and negotiation, conflict management, training and fundraising.

Since 1996 Claude Ribaux is the owner and director of GO. He worked for a number of European companies such as DaimlerChrysler, DHL, Swisscom, and UBS, as well as for governments and many NGOs as a consultant. He was engaged in more than 50 missions in international development or peace building, including such tasks as negotiating with the Indian Government after the Bhopal gas accident 1984 or training for the conflict parties in the civil war in Sri Lanka.