Active-alert Hypnosis

Active Alert Hypnosis

Active-alert Hypnosis provides the opportunity to achieve a deep trance state through body activity known among sportsmen as ‚runners’ high.

It had been developed as from 1974 by Dr. Eva Banyai in co-operation with Dr Ernest R. Hilgard at Stanfort University. Dr. G. Biró (Budapest/Ungarn) adapted the procedures to the performing sports and thus has coached the Hungarian kayak 4 team to an olympic golden medal in Seoul 1988. Again, for the Olympics in Beijing of 2008 he practiced active-alert hypnosis with the captain of the Hungarian Waterball national team, which then became champion Dr. Biro wrote: «…I had him for 12 sessions. During some of them I worked with active-alert hypnosis. During the Olympic games he played excellently, in the final against the US-team as well (Hungary 14, US 10). This is already the second gold medal to which I had contributed. The first was in Seoul.»

The induction into hypnosis is being effected by corporal activity. During a run on a bicycle ergometer the trainee listens to suggestions emulating heat, lightness, and freshnes/clarity, causing more and more an euphoric state. The trance is not brought about by relaxation, but by a combination of body action and the feelings provoked by specific suggestions. The procedure has been used in Hungary since 1983 for the therapeutic work with fears, depressive states and addictions.

Our applications of active-alert hypnosis

  • sport
  • Ego-reinforcment
  • In the case of lack of motivation in school or at work
  • For the regulation of pulse speed, blood pressure, hormonal
  • To overcome depressive conditions
  • For the activation of self-healing powers
  • For enhanced learning
  • For hypnotic regression
  • As a structure to construct run-learn-applications