COACHING – An evidence based process for performance and achievement

Coaching is a custom-tailored procedure for your life change objectives. We work with a wide range of people: CEOs, managers, consultants, musicians, athletes, and many more.
In our coaching we re-process exclusively those issues that are relevant to the client at a certain period of time. Basically the procedures and methods chosen address the key issues and are built on the resources of the client. The coaching is focussed on achieving specific objectives. It is fast, and is, therefore, affordable.

Your benefits gained from our coaching

  • Improved life-work balance
  • More efficiency
  • Strategic alignment due to clarified role ownership
  • Quality decisions
  • Mental toughness
  • Burnout prevention, life quality improvement

Specific coaching methods applied

Just because we have a hammer, not every problem is a nail. We adjust our methods to the needs of the customers. However, some of the specific coaching methods suggested for use are:
Systemic Coaching: Addresses the fine-tuning of the ways you take up your role in your company or in your private social settings. It makes use of system constellations, circular questioning, appreciative inquiry, system mapping, and learning organisation self-assessment tools.
Active alert hypnosis: This method helps awaken your unexploited potential and enables you to immediately to experience this in your life.
Limbic Coaching and Neurological Coaching (EMDR, wingwave, EMI, EFT): Using these and other methods post achievement stress impact, trauma, and other negative memories can be reprocessed.
Mediation and conflict management: Enhances cooperation and reduces negative impact of conflict.